Thom Montanari (2017)

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Painting, Illustrator

9 Columbia Ave.,
Hopewell NJ

My focus on the automobile, landscape, and nostalgia subject matter evolved naturally – it has been my life-long passion for cars, the outdoors and reverence for the past that drives my creativity. It all began while attending antique car shows as a young boy in my fathers Model B pickup and spending summers on Cape Cod. I have always believed that the automobile will leave an indelible footprint on our global history and culture. The automobile as a cultural icon and other symbols of industrialization are forming the basis of a new body of work. Modern society for the short term remains a car culture. The automobile is firmly established as a contemporary culture icon. Further proof of this was the 1951 show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art which recognized the automobile as an art form. They were described as “hollow, rolling sculpture” by the then – MOMA curator of architecture, Athur Drexler. MOMA now includes a Ferrari and Jaguar in their permanent collection. I paint with oils and acrylics in a classical realistic manner which compliments my designs. “Although our memories are nebulous, I strive to capture the essence of the subject matter in my paintings. I dream in color, so naturally the color theories that are applied in my paintings are pre-established.” Born and raised in Connecticut, Thom now makes his home and studio with his two children in Hopewell, New Jersey.