Scott Grossman (2017)

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Sourland Woodcraft

59 Van Dyke Rd.
Hopewell NJ 08525
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My woodworking primarily focuses on utilitarian pieces, for example boxes, bowls, and peppermills. I like the idea that a user will not just admire a piece, but use it daily in their lives. A piece being used daily is always in the user’s consciousness, whether by sight or by touch. What also is nice about smaller pieces is the opportunity to use a very wide range of woods and finishes. I put the highest priority on purity of form. My work is meant to be simple, but expressive. It doesn’t call attention to itself, and yet attempts to hold attention once noticed. Everything I make is meant to work well, and last forever. Bowls should not only be beautiful, but stable for their task. Every peppermill has had a prototype made that I’ve used hard for a long time. I’m particularly proud of the wood’s finishes (well, actually, obsessed). Most finishes are applied repeatedly over many days (sometimes weeks!), to be sure they are durable, bring out the wood’s beauty, and give the piece a wonderful feel in the hand. In fact, I love that people’s first comment is often about how the wood feels!