Sally Stang (2017)

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Mixed Media
Highland Design Farm

159 Vandyke Rd.
Hopewell NJ 08525

I’ve never thought of myself as an artist. I’ve always been a “maker” and whether it was art or not, I didn’t care. I like to design and arrange, invent and concoct. I especially love color. And I don’t care what medium I am working in. I once made a raincoat out of Wonderbread wrappers and a 4-ft. Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks. My pressed flower art began in 1980, when an anonymous someone left a large flower press at my back door. It was exciting to see the change when a 3-dimensional flower became 2-dimensional. I was hooked. At first, I copied the pretty posy Victorian “parlor art” that I found in books, as well as botanical style pressings. This evolved over the years to a style with each flower or leaf being featured seperately, lined up in rows, as if they were hieroglyphic symbols. And now, the designs are more fluid, like a dancing collage of petals, leaves, stems, pods and the occasional insect wing and feather. Retaining the colors has been a decades-long experiment and challenge. Each petal and leaf is painstakingly colored with loose pastel dust, which is pure pigment, to prevent fading. Although I believe that the images of flora and fauna are imprinted in our memories in a deeply familiar, biomorphic way, (our primative ancestor’s survival depended on memorizing which flowers produced which fruit, which were poisonous, etc), I was once told by a botanist that “I am seeing plants in a new way…as if I have never seen them before!” A very satisfying compliment!