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Highland Design Farm
159 Vandyke Rd.
Hopewell NJ
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I’ve always been a wood guy. I’ve been building things since I was a kid, became an apprentice to a cabinetmaker when I was 16 and have spent 50 years as a professional carpenter and fine woodworker. I started turning wood on the lathe back in 1978, when I hollowed out some rustic dried weed pots. It was a humble beginning, but my passion grew and by 1986, I was president of the Bucks Turners, a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners, in Bucks County, Pa. and later a founding member of the New Jersey Woodturners. Woodturning allows me a way to use my many skills artistically. As a carpenter, the challenge is to find clean straight wood with a regular grain and work to make everything square. As a turner, the challenge is to take precious wood with an interesting, irregular grain and work to make it in the round. Currently, my work has evolved to include attached pedestals made of found metal, which lifts the trays and platters for better display. The joy for me in turning is seeing the potential in a piece of wood and, with a lot of delicate care and shaping, creating a touchable object of beauty and function.