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East Brunswick, NJ 

Since I’ve discovered painting, it has become my personal form of self expression.

My paintings are meant to visually entertain with patches of color. Not to copy or over elaborate, but to recognize through color shapes. For me, the paint ha a reality of it own, over and above the image it produces.

Paint is not quiet. The strokes of the brush, the color patches, say different things. Some are loose and sensual, others are simple and clear.

To be able to translate my immediate perception into pigment, simply, without embellishment is ultimately what I would like to achieve.

For me, the act of painting counts for more than the subject. I like to paint, not the thing, but the effect it produces. The paint used is as vital to the picture as the images, so that the color leaves behind a visual sensation.

I studied oils with Elizabeth Ruggles and Marge Chavoosian, watercolors with Linda Lombardi, Ron Lent, and Jane Law.

My works have been show at the following individual and group shows at which I have received many first place awards.


Solo Shows:


Reed House – Hightstown, NJ

Dow Jones – South Brunswick, NJ

East Brunswick Library – East Brunswick, NJ

Princeton Medical Center – Princeton, NJ

Hopewell Frame – Hopewell, NJ

The Winery – New Hope, PA

The Guild Hall – East Hampton, NY

Goodman Design Gallery – South Hampton, NY




Merick – Princeton, NJ

McCarter Theater – Princeton, NJ

Phillips Mill – New Hope, PA

Solomagundi Club – 7th Annual – New York, NY

Ellarslie Trenton Museum – Trenton, NJ

Mercer County Artists – Central, NJ

Tri County Mired Media

Caryell Gallery – New Hope, PA

Jane Law Studio – Harvey Cedars, NJ

Present Day Club – Princeton, NJ

De Lan Galleries – Plainsboro, NJ

Hamilton Library – Hamilton, NJ

David Gary LTD – Millburn, NJ

Jane Anthony Gallery – Newton, PA

Lawrence Gallery – Lawrenceville, NJ

Twilight Park Artists – New York, NY


When one loves poetry and reading, one will have time for flowers.

(Adventurous spirit – takes on an exciting art quest)

Painting is more of a gentle physical exercise than a conscious application of part on canvas.

I stand when painting, moving my body at times to generate a motion of strokes on the canvas.

When I am painting I feel I’m doing the most enjoyable thing in life. A better part of me is coming through the tip of the brush – it’s an incredible feeling to record the joyous, emotional release you feel when you’re painting.

Look at the colors of my paintings. They are vibrant and loose, combining a technique of intimidating brilliance with the insightful realization that whatever I may be painting I’m depicting a part of myself.

On the final process in the creation of a painting I add “Happy Dots” to a blossom (painting).

Such dots complete the relationship of line to color. They add energy to a painting.

Art is a vehicle for people to communicate with nature. When I paint, I treat all the subjects as idealistic expressions of my own personality.