Marissa Woodrow (2017)

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Marissa Woodrow is a painter, printmaker, and seeker. With West Coast roots, and a BFA in Printmaking from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Marissa now lives and works in New Jersey.  Her images merge a romance between photography, portraits, and the graphic qualities of printmaking, to document an emotional running narrative. Traditionalism, and the appreciation for archaic processes funds a healthy hunger to move from the heart, to the mind’s eye to the hand with direct energy. Although she has been trained in several traditional mediums (i.e. oils, sculpture, and primarily printmaking), her more recent work is in creating abstracted portraiture in acrylics.

Marissa Woodrow’s work has been shown cross-country, and resides in personal collections, as well as on commissioned posters, album art & T-shirts. Her career in the arts extends beyond the purely creative. She has been active in printmaking/art instruction, artist talks, and curating.