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47 Stonybrook Road, Hopewell NJ (Behind) 

Jeanne Elodie began to focus on painting in her 4th year of life while recovering from a debilitating car accident. Thus painting has become an integral part of her, a way to better understand experience, not just a way to record or express experience, but a means to discover, reveal, self-reflect, and delve deeply into the spiritual realm of life.

“I learn things from my paintings,” asserts Jeanne who has painted murals and portraits professionally. She states she has been using an intuitive method of painting in recent years, “I am often surprised by the imagery that comes through my paintings and drawings, and more often than not, I find an aspect of myself is healed through the act of creation. A deep listening and trust in the process is necessary for this kind of healing.”

“I have worked with others too,” says Jeanne, “and their own imagery and symbols. I understand art as a language that can delve deeply into the unconscious, revealing and healing layers of fears and false stories that obscure our authentic selves, thereby increasing our connection to our sacred heart’s wisdom.”

Jeanne earned a BFA in illustration and design from University of the Arts, and an MA in design psychology with a focus in sustainability from Prescott College; she is certified in NLP / Neuro Code Concepts TM, and Infinite Possibilities TM, and was recently ordained as an Interfaith minister.

Jeanne Elodie is a Renaissance artist. Not only has she been a painter since the age of four, and most recently (2016) became a minister, but she is also a writer, a sculptor, a poet, an actor, a dancer, a singer, a photographer, and a workshop facilitator. She has been the gallery director at Pebble Hill Art Gallery in Doylestown since 2013 and a lifelong world traveler and lover of life! Jeanne’s creative explorations have culminated in her leading groups on Creativity and Honoring Soul while still reserving ample time to travel, paint and write.

Jeanne studied set and costume design for theater at Yale University for a year and stayed for a summer to study acting too. While at Yale she also sang with the Black Church at Yale’s Gospel Choir, and acted in the Yale Cabaret. She has owned her own business as a freelance artist for 20 years where she has painted murals and portraits for private and public clients.

Jeanne studied Expressive Arts Therapy at Prescott College in a summer intensive, and spent four years with an Artist Way group. She uses practices she gained from these experiences, as well as her own informal and formal study of psychology, dream symbolism, healing, and shamanism in her workshops. Jeanne has made a point of studying the healing methods of many cultures including nutrition and herbal medicine. Jeanne has taught classes on creativity to people of all ages from all walks of life for more than a decade. She co-authored the book Healing the Terrorist Within!, and is author of How The Delvis Saved The World: A Wake-Up Time Story, and Transforming The Delvis. Her current book 100 Buckets of Sh*t: One Artist’s Experiment ditching the American Way to live in the woods and mend her <3   is a memoir, and is due to be published in 2018.