Janis Blayne Paul (2017)

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Stone Art
Highland Design Farm

159 Vandyke Rd.
Hopewell NJ
Web site:www.karmicstone.com
Web site:www.houzz.com/pro/karmicstone
Email: jblaynepaul@comcast.net

My Architectural training is the foundation for my artistic expression. Informing my vision and creative process, it has led me to the oldest form of representational art: stone carving. Stone is my preferred medium, symbolizing a state of permanence in an ever-changing world. Artistic representation, iconography, symbiology, expression, and form, combined with diverse influences, are the basis for my work, which aims to inspire, motivate, and invite reflection and interpretation. Varied inspirations, curiosity, and the joy of discovery impact my intention as both an architect and now as an artist. I strive to transform and heighten ones experience of place while resonating with each individual in a meaningful way. Over time, my work has taken new direction as my experience as an architect offered insight into how my art could enhance the built and natural environment in a more profound and permanent way. Whether a standalone work of art for art’s sake or an integral Architectural and Landscape design feature, I create meaningful art with a purpose: to transform the ordinary into an experiential journey of discovery, learning and engagement in the present moment. Within this context, my work has the potential to transform people’s day-to-day experiences, creating a beacon of creative engagement and interaction.