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Highland Design Farm

159 Vandyke Rd.,
Hopewell NJ

As a kid I was fascinated by all kinds of tools and read tool catalogues of many different professions. I became a mediocre handyman and carpenter. When I retired a dozen years ago I took a woodworking class recommended by a friend and have been at it ever since. Wood is endlessly interesting to me and though (like many of my friends) I hoard and collect it, and I do ultimately use it. My shop is small and I keep moving the wood around my shop, getting familiar with each piece until sooner or later It tells me what it wants to be made into. What is now the coffee table in my house was once a large plank of local black walnut that was stored in a neighbors leaky barn for 50 years. I build about two pieces of furniture a year and turn a fair number of bowls, and make other things as well. For the most part my furniture is my own design which at times evolves during the process of building. Most of the furniture I have made is in the homes of family and friends.