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“There are two chapters in Still-life photography: before and after Grant Peterson. He changed the landscape of photography.”   Thomas Donnelly (ASMP) American Society Of Media Photographers President


A still life photographer for 25 years, he studied with Peter Bunnell, Lisette Model, Philippe Halsman and George Tice.

In 1989 Photo District News crowned him “The Sun King”.

From 1991–1994 he taught digital photography and printing  along with Graham Nash at Kodak’s Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine.

“Grant Peterson, shooting for Brides Magazine in his studio near Broome Street and Broadway, turned his 4X5 view camera toward the burning tower.” Garrison Keillor for The New York Times Book Review

Paul Goldberger of the New York Times called Grant’s images “epic.” They are the largest film shot of September 11, and show, in excruciating detail, the Trade Towers falling in a series of four 5 X 10 foot prints.