Armando Sosa (2017)

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Master Weaver

31 W. Broad St.,
Hopewell NJ

Sosa, 61, is a master weaver, or as the U.S. government has classified him, “an artist of exceptional ability.” He spends hours at his loom, weaving intricate textiles with bright colors and traditional motifs from various cultures. From beginning to end, Sosa says a textile usually takes over 100 hours. The whole time it’s just him and his loom, the first of which he built with his own hands in 1994, using only childhood memories as a guide. Sosa was born in 1953 in the small town of Salcajá, where over 90 percent of the men were weavers. He remembers the homes crowded with one, two, sometimes three looms, leaving little room for anything else..